Danvers Housing Authority

14 Stone St, Danvers, MA 01923 (978) 777 0909


About Us

 The Danvers Housing Authority provides decent and affordable housing. Established in 1957, the Danvers Housing  currently has both Federal and State housing programs compised of 259 residential units and 2 groups homes throughout Danvers, Massachusetts.  The Danvers Housing Authority also adminsters 145 Housing Choice Vouchers.



Cynthia Dunn, Executive Director

Michelle Mansfield, Assistant Director

Sheila McElroy, Program Manager 

Allison Strout, Program Assistant

Mary Little, Executive Assistant

Cate O'Hara, Resident Coordinator

Lou Negron, Maintenance Foreman

Randy Cole, Maintenance

James Walker, Maintenance

Jorge Carroca, Maintenance

Board of Directors

Kerry Fouhey, Chairperson

Maureen Bernard, Vice Chairperson

Wayne Eisenhauer

Carla King